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Going out on my Comfort zone!

My two days visit to Sorayan, Paquibato District in Davao City, last April 26-27, 2017, was indeed one of the best experiences in my life. For the past three months that I’ve been part of iEmergence, there has been a lot of new experiences I’ve encountered and I am grateful for the chance of being part of the team. I admit some of those experience was out of my comfort zone. The trip gave me the awareness that the project site is far. It’s amazing to know that the team came to reach this community. It’s a very rural area where roads are like a trail of adventure. The visit inspired me in many ways. I witnessed the Ata tribe who were so eager to reach their dream of building Panuluanan. Their commitment to doing more than what’s required of them is something that amazed me. It’s been exciting to watch this from afar, but even more exciting now that I can see this here and witness the growth of the community. Indeed, they are united and eager to reach the same goal.

I came to realize that we each are different. Like music, each one has its own rhythm. We each have our own life, language, and heritage. I learned how to be more open and adaptive to what is around me. The people in the community may not have everything they need, but still, you can see contentment in their happy faces, welcoming their guest with a genuine smile. I was immersed in the community and learning their way of life. This gave me creative learning. I especially valued the chance to roam the hills that surrounded the area. I enjoyed the view of the abundance and bounty of the land, long walks along country roads, and a nice swim in the river. They have abundant resources, they just need to develop and preserve what they have. As I conversed with some of the elders there, they said that Panuluanan is their long-awaited dreameth and that they are hopeful to make it happen.

The community visit motivated me as part of the iEmergence Team. It gave me direction in pursuing the dreams of the organization and the community. It strengthened my sense of well-being, and my learning was enhanced by my direct interaction with the people in the community. Overall, these past months have been an excellent opportunity for personal growth and learning.


A glimpse of Thought SONA 2015.

Well ano ba kwento ko ngayon? kahapon nga pala naganap ang Last SONA ni PNOY, ang dami nyang sinabi sa sobrang dami inantok ako, Paulit-ulit lang yata yun, Infairness di nga nabanggit ang MAMASAPANO at PORK BAREL.Guilty ba? or ano? wala lang talaga sa AGENDA ng Presidente natin, Ang daming violent reaction na naganap, of course marami mga RALLYSTA na nasaktan at mga PULIS na napalo, may mga pa describe pa in 3 words Kung ano ang masasabi ng mga mamayan, May mga ” Best Speech ever”  “The Best Sona” “Best, Passionate, Endorsing, at kung ano-ano pa, may mga negatibo at positibong komento. Magkaiba ang opinyon nga mga tao, may mga pabor sa Administrasyong Aquino mayron naman hindi Kontento. Masasabi ko lang wala sa Administrasyon kung ano and status mo sa buhay ngayon, Kahit sino pa maging presidente natin, kung walang pagkukusa at tiyaga di tayo aangat. Marami sa kababayan natin ang  Nag ibang bansa, Marami din mga Post sa FB humihingi ng tulong dahil inaabuso nga mga amo nila. Isn’t it alarming? to be continued…

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